What We Value

Our values describe how we desire, humbly and prayerfully, to live out our mission in community together as we follow Jesus:


… love like Jesus

  • When the light of God’s love shines through a broken vessel, God gets all the credit and glory. We live to shine this way.
  • …with unplanned acts of love and kindness in Jesus’name.
  • Love the broken and hate the sin that binds the broken, following gentle but firm Biblical guidelines.

…live like Jesus

  • God’s word was Jesus’ life-blood. Ours too.
  • Reject consumer-Christianity by spending ourselves on behalf of others. People matter more than programs.
  • Jesus was in constant conversation with the Father, and made all of his big decisions after a night of prayer. So should we.

…welcome who Jesus welcomed

  • People are invited to belong with us before they believe, in personal friendship and in community.
  • Maintain a culture of grace where it’s safe to expose woundedness without rejection and creating space for God’s healing.
  • In essentials of the Christian faith—unity; in non-essentials—liberty; in all things—love.

…journey together like Jesus

  • Lead every child, student and adult to experience the journey and grow spiritually in a smaller group context.
  • Partner with parents in the spiritual and character development of children and students
  • Partner with couples to build strong marriages, and with singles to grow nourishing relationships in community.
  • As a local church, SMC is a community where people are encouraged and equipped to follow Jesus and walk alongside those not yet following Him.

…serve like Jesus

  • Follow Jesus by partnering with the ministry of the local church at SMC.
  • Offer leadership training and placement opportunities that enable each partner to develop their passions and strengths.
  • Give generously of our time, abilities and resources.

…engage like Jesus

  • The church exists to go out into the whole world, so SMC creates pathways for every person to follow Jesus to the broken, needy and lonely.
  • Extend the love of Jesus to those hungry for God and bread to those hungry for food.
  • Cultivate local/global partnerships that have the possibility of meeting the deep needs in our surrounding culture in significant ways.