Special Needs

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Special needs programming is a high priority at SMC. We aim to minister to your family and your special needs individual in as many ways as possible. Our Sunday mornings feature more than one environment for adaptable programming.

Families with a disabled loved one who would like to worship together are invited to our Family Room setting with couches, and comfortable atmosphere and a welcomed area for adaptability.

Children who are 4 years through 18 years are invited to attend an individual specific setting prepared to fit various needs. Meeting with our staff ahead of time is encouraged so we can best fit the needs of your child. This room is staffed with a great team of qualified individuals.

One-on-one friendships are important in order to help kids succeed in the setting that best fits their needs. Some kids will be able to participate in mainstreamed programs with the assistance of a “buddy.” Trained volunteers are available to work with kids in our children and youth ministry programs.

Throughout the year activities and events will be scheduled with individuals with disabilities in mind. Please ask if you have interest in these types of events.

Questions? Julie@exploresmc.org