New to Following Jesus?

SMC is a local church making Jesus famous by becoming more like Him. This mission is, first and foremost, about helping people to faithfully walk through the first steps of following Jesus, of putting their whole trust in Him.

If you are still investigating the life of Jesus, whether He is worthy of your trust, we would be honored to help you in your journey in any way we can. The best way to wrestle with questions of faith is in community, with friends who can walk with you. Our pastoral team and staff are available for you on the weekends in the lobby, or through the links below:

If you are just starting out as a Christ follower, there are several next steps that we encourage you to take as a part of the local church at SMC:

Turn to God (and away from…)

This means to turn away from your old habits that are destructive and make new, nurturing habits: like participating in worship, diving into the Bible, learning to pray, and surrounding yourself with people who will support you as you follow Jesus. You may also need to make amends with people you have hurt, or choose to stay away from relationships that draw you away from Jesus.

Consider being baptized

One of the most powerful ways of showing our trust in Jesus is through baptism. It is a sign to others that you are “under new management,” a doorway into community in the local church, and a party!

Sign up for Journey 101.

This class meets weekly at various locations and days of the week. It is comprised of other individuals just like yourself who are beginning a new life in Jesus. Journey 101 is a great way to meet others and get off to a great start with God.

Do life together.

The best way to experience life as a Christ follower is in smaller group community with others. Whether in study group or an activity-based group, it’s important to be with other Christ followers and grow new friendships. Click on the link below to get more info about SMC’s small groups, Connect Groups.