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As a parent, some of the things you might often hear from your parents' generation are "they sure grow up fast" or "don't blink or they'll be off to college." Why do they say things like this? Because once they were in your shoes, and remember how fast, and precious, and hard it can be. Yet sometimes, in the frantic pace of raising a family we are still in danger of missing important moments or even seasons of our child’s faith development.

We all want to lead our children toward a genuine relationship with Jesus. However, the pressure and feelings of inadequacy push us to depend solely on church programs or give up on our responsibility altogether.

Because of these challenges, at SMC we began to ask the following “What If” questions:

  • What if we could partner with parents by mapping out the key faith Mile Markers that occur during the 936 weeks they have from birth to college?
  • What if we could provide speed bumps for our parents to allow for closer attention to their child's faith journey?
  • What if each Mile Marker had a plan, summit, & celebration that empowered them to be the primary spiritual leader in their child's life?

After wrestling with these questions as church leaders and parents, we decided as a church community to begin shaping our families, programs and lives around six Mile Markers:

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