What Would Jesus Say?

In the news climate of today, what would Jesus say about racism, terrorism and current world events?Read more

Distorted Christianity

Pastor Bob Disher teaches through the book of Galations to explore the ways in which legalism and being "religious" distorts the true flavor of being a Christ follower.Read more

But God

Read more

Eat The Book

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In The Meantime

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SMC's December 2014 Advent/Christmas series: Pastor Bob Disher takes a look at some of the unlikely characters that are part of the Christmas story in the gospels to draw practical challenges and…Read more

Everyday's a Monday

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SMC at Home

Children & Family Pastor Jarm Turner and the 936 team talks about exciting new developments in vision and programming for family's at SMC for the 2014-2015 season.Read more


Opening the fall of 2014, Pastor Bob Disher challenges SMC on how to move beyond Sunday belief to 7-day-a-week action by examining specific "pivot points": actions or disciplines that…Read more

I Wish Jesus Hadn't Said That

In this 10 week series, Bob Disher and SMC's teaching team tackle some of the hard sayings of Jesus from the gospels. The goal of this series is to shed light and application on how these…Read more

Just Call Me Joe

Pastor Bob takes an in-depth look at the life, struggles, and overcoming faith of Joseph in Genesis 38-48.Read more

Get Weird

Based on Craig Groschel's best-selling book "Weird," Pastor Bob Disher unpacks a better way of seeing and walking the narrow road of real life with Jesus, set against the wider,…Read more

No Excuses

A New Year's Sermon Series with Pastor Bob Disher that debunks the many excuses that keep us from living out the abundant life God has for us.Read more

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