Eye of the Storm

Jesus said that trouble will come to his followers. Are you ready for the storms of life?Read more

The Gurley Story

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How can you know the voice of God?Read more

Voice Stories

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Wake Up Call

WAKE-UP CALL – Join us during the month of June for this 4-week series based on one of the most dramatic stories Jesus told. This compelling story in Luke 15 is about a wayward son’s…Read more

Grace vs. Truth

Grace and truth are inexplicably bound more than we think. Get a refresher into this important biblical concept.Read more

This Means War

The devil isn't a myth. He's real and working against us. If we're not ready, and watching we might find our lives turned upside down.Read more

Easter 2016

We tend to see Easter as the 'end' of an amazing account, but in reality it's the beginning of something special by God.Read more

Consumption vs. Contentment

In America, more than ever we are faced with the challenge of being unsatisfied, of always wanting more. Find encouragement toward developing contentment for your life in this challenging series.Read more


Does your heart belong to God or to idols like success? This new series will protect your love for God by saying "no" to the things that steal our affections.Read more

Closer than Close

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Visible... Approachable... Accessible

God wants himself to be known and he spoke in various ways.Read more

Christmas Gone Nuts

Christmas should be a season of joy and celebration, but sometimes our hearts become out 'of sync'. Be encouraged in this series as we explore how we may find TRUE joy and peace.Read more

Soul Momentum

Bob outlines the Jesus experience with some practical 'soul cycles' that should be a part of every Christian's life. A two-month journey in becoming a true disciple of Jesus.Read more


The risks we must take to make Jesus famous.Read more

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