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Get Your Life Back

Months ago, we were living in soul-scorching times. The mad pace of life, the number of demands on our time & energy, plus the overwhelming flood of information coming at us 24-7 left us all ragged, wrung-out, & emptied.

Today we stand together in a threshold moment. The past is gone. The future is not yet clear, except that it will be a “New Normal.” Could this be an opportunity to choose your preferred future?

In GET YOUR LIFE BACK, a six-session video-based Bible study facilitated by Fil Anderson, author John Eldredge provides a refreshingly simple guide to rearrange your life.

Sessions include:

1.    Week 1-The One Minute Pause

2.    Week 2-Simple Unplugging

3.    Week 3-Get Outside

     Week 4-Caring for Neglected Places in Your Soul

5.    Week 5-The Hidden Life of God in You

6.    Week 6-The Simple Daily Things