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Whisper- By Mark Batterson

Connect by doing life together with a community group or Bible study- the primary place where you are known and cared for at SMC. Within these small communities, men and women build personal relationships and practice applying the gospel to their lives.

This January, our Community groups and Bible studies are studying Whisper by Mark Batterson. Many people have a tough time believing that God still speaks. We’ve learned from Scripture that God spoke to His people in ancient times and in mysterious ways, but how do we hear His voice now? The truth is God still communicates with His people, but He often speaks in a whisper—not to make it difficult to hear Him, but to draw us close.
By learning to tune in and decipher each language, Mark equips believers to hear God’s guidance and grow closer to Him.
God is speaking. Do you know how to listen?
On-Campus Groups/Bible Studies Participating:
The Journey
Start Date: 6:30 AM on 1/14/2020
Location: SMC Parlor
Fellowship Class
Start Date: 9:15 AM on 1/12/2020
Location: SMC Student Center, Room 205
Christian Workers
Start Date: 10:30 AM on 12/01/2019
Location: SMC Chapel
College/YA Adult Group
Start Date: 10:30 AM on 01/12/2020
Location: SMC Conference Room
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