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One Day Fun Day

One Day Fun Day is the BEST day of the Summer!  
This event is designed for kids 3-years-old to 4th grade. Join us for a day full of artistic fun, expression, and discovery.
This year, kids will choose a type of artistic expression and have fun learning, interacting, and participating with other kids in that area of art. 
Steps to register:
1. Read the list of artistic breakouts offered.
2. Choose which one you'd like to be in (they will fill up, so register early).
3. Talk to your friends if you want to attend together (sign up for the same breakouts if you want to be together).
3. Complete registration form.
Cost: $10 per child.
Email Julie Giles at with questions, or to volunteer
Artistic Expression Breakouts
Cake Decorating   Use frosting and decorating supplies to make a yummy work of art
Candle Making   Learn how to work with wax in various ways and make candles to take away
Comic Book Drawing    Learn how to draw details, frames, and story line art
Design With The Cricut   Use the computer to create t-shirts and paper fun -You'll need to bring a plain t-shirt that we'll design and decorate
Duct Tape   Create fun, useful, and expressive art with rolls of duct tape - or is it duck tape?
Edible Art   Art can taste good! Learn to create with food
Face Painting   Learn how to create great faces and fun body art
Fine Art   Beautiful art masterpieces will be the focus of our discovery, we'll create with pastels and stained glass
Flower Arranging   Learn how florists arrange flowers to make beautiful designs
Jewelry    Learn about jewelry designs and make your own jewelry pieces to take home
The Grouchy Ladybug & A Cookie   This is art that tells a story with food and books
Messy Art   The most fun you'll ever have making art and a mess at the same time
Mosaic Designs   Small pieces of tile, stone, metal, and glass placed together to make a masterpiece
Music & Movement   Discover singing, instruments, dance, and rhythm
Natural Art   Discover nature and how to make art with natural materials
Origami   Learn how folding paper can make art, take home lots of designs
Rocks & Sand Art   Create teddy bears, turtles and other pets, paintings, and layers of fun
String Art   Create trendy art with wood, nails, and string 
Painting With Water Color   Learn painting techniques that will make your art shine
Woodworking   Learn to create, sand, and build with wood