The Gold Standard

Jesus invested slightly more than three years of His life identifying and demonstrating the values, virtues and priorities of God. Those principles were a part of His daily life, His decisions, His…Read more

Pollution Control

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Miracle Man

Join us as we explore just some of the miraculous works of Christ. Come rediscover the wonder and awe of God.Read more

Peace Under Pressure

Can you have everlasting piece in the upheaval of life? In this expository series, we will learn the biblical principles of finding peace in any situation.Read more


In this pivotal series, Pastor Bob Disher explores the “why” and “how” of SMC’s bold master plan to better enable us to reach future generations for Christ. Join us and…Read more

Take A Courageous Stand

Following God in today’s culture can be challenging, but it wasn’t any easier in Biblical times. We can learn a lot from God’s Word that applies to our modern lives. Join us for an…Read more

Easter Sunday

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Sometimes it’s impossible to improve on the original “brand,” so what happens when the church decides to try and improve on God’s earliest recipe that He introduced 2,000…Read more

The Now & The Not Yet

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Christmas Surprises

If you thought you knew everything about the Christmas story, you're in for a surprise.Read more

Lost and Found

Have you ever been lost? If so, you are not alone. The Bible is filled with stories of the lost and the found. We belong to a God devoted to finding us, no matter how lost we may think we are. Join…Read more

Words Matter

In this new series, Bob Disher will examine key words that have a significant impact on our spiritual life.Read more

Endangered Species

Are biblical values disappearing? This sobering series will examine how culturally we have begun to abandon biblical values that are the bedrock of society. Let us reclaim the values that God has…Read more

A Piece of Work

Why do we work so hard for resume virtues when in life it's the eulogy virtues that truly MATTERS?Read more


Every movement requires the 'next generation' to carry the torch. This new series will do a deep dive into how we can help prepare the next generation of Jesus followers.Read more

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