Christian Workers

Sundays | Ongoing Open Group
10:30 AM
The Christian Workers Group has a strong heritage at SMC. They enjoy social gatherings, growing in God's word and making a difference in the community through outreach endeavors and…

A Study of James

Mondays | Ongoing
6:00 AM
This is an expository study of the Book of James. …

Women's Online Bible Study (Facebook Edition)

Mon - Fri | Ongoing
9:00 AM
This is an online Bible study that incorporates a daily reading assignment, journaling and sharing with the group what we're learning. This is an ongoing study and anyone can jump in and join the…

The Journey

Tuesdays | Ongoing
6:30 AM
A study of the Gospel of Luke. We will be going deep into the only New Testament book written by a gentile. Luke, a doctor by profession, writes a historically detailed account of the life of Jesus…

Discipler Study of the Book of James

Tuesdays | Ongoing
8:30 AM
This is an inductive study of the New Testament book of James. Each week provides daily scripture reading, study questions, study notes and weekly discussion. …

Growing in Christ (Journey 101)

Sundays | 15 Weeks
9:00 AM
Journey 101: Growing in Christ, is a simple, yet powerful small group experience grounded in the assurances we have as followers of Jesus, and answers core questions of living a Christian life. …

Senior Adult Class | Sunday Mornings

Sundays | Ongoing Open Group
9:30 AM
The Senior Adult Class enjoys great fellowship through hymn singing and exploring God’s word. They follow scripture studies from the "Standard Lesson Quarterly." …

Senior Adult Bible Study | Thursdays Mornings

Every Thursday morning | Ongoing
10:00 AM
Every Thursday morning the senior adults gather to share a laugh, sing some hymns, share some prayer time, and study. Afterwards for those who would like, we go out to eat. …

Monday Night Gathering "Heart Matters"

Mondays |5 Weeks
6:30 PM
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