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Bad Things Happen - A Parenting Conversation

When, where, why, how come? Tragedy strikes in various ways, and it happens on a daily basis. But what happens when tragedy strikes home? Are your kids prepared to thrive in challenge moments? How can you prepare for the unknown?

Join us as we discuss Bible-based principals for containing fear, moving through uncertainty, and growing wisdom in your children.

Where does this apply in your life?
  When watching the news as a family
  When your child comes home with a problem
  When terrorism strikes
  When grief happens
  When unexpected events arise
  When a friend is walking through the unthinkable
  When bad things happen...

Join us for this intentional dialogue that will prepare you to have difficult conversations and be a voice of reason for your kids now and down the road. Plan to take away resources, ideas, and talking points that will help you manage heart-to-heart interactions while being prepared for breathtaking moments. Increase your parenting IQ, and deal with difficult topics with more confidence.

Presenters: Julie Giles - Director of Children's Ministries, Sarah Turner - Creator of Marbles for Parenting

If you're a parent, guardian, or grandparent, we're sure these conversations are happening in your world - join us as we talk about wisely navigating the times.

There is no charge to attend.