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Monday Night Gathering "Words Matter"

Monday Night Gathering-"Words Matter"

What do you STAND for or against? Can you articulate your FAITH?  When you think of the pledge of ALLEGIANCE, do you ever think – devotion and allegiance to Jesus?  Are you able to make a connection between GRACE and TRUTH? Is our MISSION clear?  When someone mentions “spirit,” do you think about the spirit you bring in support of your favorite team, or do you ever go, "What about God's SPIRIT?”  Is it weird when somebody says, "Have you ever been BORN again?”

Join us for a 7-week series as we explore how our walk with Jesus can be summed up in a word. Join us for Words Matter

Monday Night Gathering is a great place to connect with others through music, great dessert and coffee and God's word. Each Monday a new musical artist from our community will play from 6:30-7:00 pm. After enjoying music, coffee, and desserts, we will open God's word together from 7:00- 8:00PM.

Location: SMC Atrium

Requirements: Nothing other than a Bible and note pad if you like to take notes!

Childcare: Yes.

Categories: Spiritual Development