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Faith Conversations Parent Summit

At the end of August, SMC has a great baptism celebration at the lake. This is a great opportunity to prepare your child to observe this celebration and lead the conversation that will not only help them to be present, but help them to fully understand salvation, baptism, and what it means to be a follower of Christ. 

Winning the hearts of our children is difficult in today's world! What if we could help you to get a step ahead of the action and set you up for success? We've designed an engaging Parent Summit to help with the journey ahead.

Statistically, only 3 in 10 kids will stay in church after high-school (Barna, 2012).

Author George Barna, of the Barna group, has written some incredible books like Revolutionary Parenting. Here he provides us with statistics that help us know that attending church for 1 hour each week alone (only 52 hours a year) does not have the ability to truly change the hearts of our kids. In an effort to help kids not just go to church but to become followers of Jesus, more intentional conversations need to occur. Consider this: If a child plays video games 80 hours a week (the national average) but goes to church for just 1 hour a week, what do you think is more meaningful in their life? How can we help kids to discover and fall in love with Jesus?

Our team has worked to create tools for parents to use at home. What if you could talk about Jesus at the dinner table, or at bedtime? What if you knew what to say when your kids asked tough questions? Our hope is to prepare you for meaningful future conversations on topics like: God, Faith, Salvation, Baptism, Communion, & Heaven.

This Parent Summit is designed for parents with preschool and elementary age children who desire to gain a solid footing before answering questions for their children. We realize many parents have questions and most of us need a little extra knowledge in preparing our kids for tough topics. Let us help you discover simplistic steps with great conversation starters, that will equip you to lead your child(ren) through deep and meaningful conversations. 

After interviewing 8 through 12 year olds, Barna had some interesting statistics to share

  •  2% believe the Bible guides their life choices
  • 18% believe in moral absolutes.
  • 32% believe that Jesus was resurrected
  • 36% believe that the Bible is totally accurate
  • 40% believe that the purpose of life is to love God fully
  • 67% believe that being a “good person” equals salvation
  • 68% believe that good people can earn salvation
  • 70% of 8- to 12-year-olds in America believe there is no Satan
  • 80% say the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon teach the same truths.

What about your kids? What do they believe? How can you be better prepared to help guide them in that belief system?